About Us

Why are we called Ecocamp Huacachina?

From the moment we started operations (July 2016) we have been committee to help make our surroundings cleaner, and to help nearby communities through mini projects that are financed by earnings from the cost of staying here in Ecocamp. We know that we are not perfect in being completely ecologically friendly, but we have a goal to continually reduce our ecological and social footprint, and be able to continue growing without affecting the beautiful environment that surrounds us.

We are Socially Responsible

We Recycle

We Recycle

Classes for Kids

Teaching the Kids

Helping to Educate

Helping to Educate


Huacachina South Dune

Ecocamp's Mini Projects

In 2016, we are focused on improving 4 areas:

  • 1. Internal recycling of waste produced by the restaurant and guests.

  • 2. Educational activities and workshops for local children with environmental themes.

  • 3. Clean up and maintenance of the South Dune that is behind our property.

  • 4. The creation of a group of volunteers who will help keep mini projects alive and create new ones.

Recycling of Waste

We have bought labeled recycling bins that are located in the parking area so that we can make it easier to separate waste and for our guests to recycle plastic bottles, and cans. These recyclable items will be recycled, or reused for art projects for our children's workshops. It also serves as an example to explain to the youth that come to our workshops as to how they can make small changes at hope that help to reduce our daily impact on the earth.

Educational Activities

One Sunday a month we bring in groups of 20 children at a time for fun environmental workshops. These workshops are designed to motivate local children to appreciate the natural environment that surrounds us, and gives them tools to take care of it. Some examples are: A painting competition with the theme How can we help take care of our oceans?, making journals out of homemade recycled paper, and art projects with recycled materials. These workshops are free and always fun. (If you have a group that would like to do a workshop let us know!)

Clean up South Dune

The city of Ica is in charge of the cleanliness and removal of garbage in Huacachina town and the dunes surrounding us, but because of the lack of employees or dedication, they leave a lot of garbage all over the place. The wind in the evenings blows in stray plastic bags and papers that litter the dunes causing physical and visual contamination. We at Ecocamp Huacachina are committed to doing our part and cleaning up the South Dune that is behind our property. Everyday one of our staff goes out to clean up at 7am this dune, so if you want to help, let us know!

Mini Projects

We believe that it is very important to create a group of volunteers who can help orchestrate the existing mini projects and can help us make to new ones. Volunteers will make our projects sustainable throughout time and help to improve our impact in the future. We are constantly looking for volunteers, for the length of time that each one has. For long term volunteers we offer benefits like free room and board. If you would like to help, talk to reception! We want this experience to be fun for volunteers and it to be a great opportunity for cultural exchange and to learn a bit of Spanish.

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