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Hello, we are Ecocamp Huacachina. Here is some useful information that will help you plan your visit or stay in Huacachina. We hope you enjoy our site and find it useful.

We offer luxury camping in Huacachina - Ica, Peru. We invite you to come and enjoy your stay with us here at Ecocamp Huacachina. We provide a luxurious camping experience to our guests, and you will be very comfortable with all the amenities that you will find here. For starters, we have 13 large spacious white tents with a total of 20 double beds, clean bathrooms and hot water showers, a large shared guest kitchen area, cooked food and beverages to order, and other accommodations.

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Our camp ground is situated at the bottom of an enormous sand dune with excellent views of the surrounding dunes and also overlooks the village of Huacachina, and is only about 2-3 minutes walk away from the boulevard and the lagoon of Huacachina.

For fun, we have a large pool with a wet bar, and the pool area has lots of lounge chairs for sun bathing. And of course, we have a bonfire and BBQ pit area to satisfy the true camper in you. You can also book local tours at the reception counter.

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So come on in, and see how nice our camping facility really is. We provide a clean and safe place for you to stay. Ecocamp Huacachina is a very popular place to stay, and making a reservation is recommended.

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